University Research Teams

Economics and Development Research Team


In pursuant of the resolution of the Departmental Board of Studies held on January 14, 2020, this is to formally register the above research team focusing on:

  • Contemporary Issues on Migration
  • Climate, Gender and Socio-economic Implications
  • Health/Productivity Economics
  • Climate Change, Disaster Management and Economic Implications
  • Informal Sector, Social Inclusion and Economic Growth
  • Dynamics of Regional Integration and Economic Issues

The following are members of the team:

S/N Name Areas of Specialization E-mail Address Contact No. Remarks
1 Prof. Odejimi, D. Omotsefe Development Economics/Statistics 08053311615 Team Lead
2 Dr. Spencer Nwangwu Clinical Health 08037511008 Member
3 Dr. Nosa M. Edogiawerie Finance/Accounting 08034695023 Member
4 Dr. B. O. Oligbi Public Sector & Development Economics 08033521111 Member
5 Dr. S. Ohiomu Econometrics / Monetary Economics 07061304264 Member/Co-ordinator
6 Dr. A. Olorunana Medical Sociology 09014171634 Member
7 Dr. Georgina Erifeta Environmental Toxicology & Public Health 08132180362 Member
8 Dr. J. L. Nwazi Environmental Law 08056749453 Member
9 Dr. (Mrs.) Isioma Tongo Ecotoxicology 07036976887 Member