Volume 3 Issue 2

  1. Development of a Temperature Controlled Water Heated Bath
    for Science Laboratories in Nigeria with Locally Available

    Balogun, A. V., Edem, I. F., Isitua, C. C. And Fayemi, D. O

2. Production of Briquettes from Sawdust and Palm Frond.
Amadi, E. E. And Ikhazuangbe, P.M.O.

3. Geo-Scientific Assessment of Gbugudu Dam Site Using Osin River,
Kwara State, North-Central Nigeria.

Ibrahim, O.I

4. Ravaging Urban Floods: Consequences and Remedies.
Ezugwu, M.O And Onyeka J. O.

5. Sequence Stratigraphic, Structural and Stratigraphic Studies of MiocenePliocene Deposit in OML XY Block, Southeastern Niger Delta Basin,Nigeria.
Ibrahim, O. I, 1Adekeye, O. A. And Muhammed, M.

6. Development of Capsule for the Encapsulation of High
Temperature Phase Change Material and Evaluation of Its
Thermal Energy Storage.

Musa, N. A. And Bakare, A. O

7. Effect Of Corrosion On Mechanical Properties Of Medium Carbon
Steel In Different Selected Media.

Okuma, S.O., Awala, J.M, And Obhuo, M.

8. Effect of Diameter, Gauge Length and Speed of Deformation on
the Properties of Banana Fibre.

Ofem, M.I.

9. Development of a Low-Speed Open Circuit Wind Tunnel.
Ode, O.O., Musa, N.A., Alkali. B., Anunuso, J.C., Gukop N. S. And Masin M.M.