To be a leading centre of academic excellence through pro-active and responsive entrepreneurship, research in line with the dynamics of national and global development and knowledge production in response to contextualized national and global needs



The objectives of the University are:

  • To train qualified personnel imbued with the spirit of service and development.
  • To offer wide opportunities for higher education to all persons who can benefit from it, without distinction of race, religion, sex or political conviction/persuasion.
  • To train scientists, engineers, doctors, teachers, economists, lawyers, including specialist in the field of humanities and to conduct research in science and technology.
  • To carry out research on problems relating to the development of the national economy scheme and technology and culture as well as to advance knowledge.
  • To train teachers and academic research staff for the University and other higher educational institutions.
  • To promote scientific knowledge and disseminate its results for socio-economic benefits.
  • To undertake any other activities appropriate for a University of the highest standard.



Our Mission is to:

  •  To be among the best and most successful universities in the country.
  •  To provide overall service and good value for money in the University education sector.
  •  To excel in anticipating, responding quickly and competitively to student’s needs and staff development.
  • To maintain a growth that responds to overall global expansion and challenges in teaching and research.
  • To produce through our quality programmes, University graduates whose certificates open all doors to upward economic and social mobility.
  • To expand our research activities globally by creating linkages and collaboration networks amongst leading universities and research institutions world-wide.
  • To regularly seek to maintain the acquisition of knowledge and excellence.
  • To operate competency driven scheme, which allows staff to acquire new skills, knowledge base and remain competitive in their areas of specialization.
  • To regularly survey the environment in order to identify areas of need with a view to contributing to the community and registering significant presence nationally and world-wide.