IUO in conjunction with Echoquest Creations is offering a student tuition Support (TSP)

To aid students pay up to 80% of tuition.


We intend to create a farm investment project, where parents can make investments in a large farming project run and managed by world class professionals in partnership with state, national and international partners. We will be providing all the professional support in agricultural practices, marketing, sales, security and management of the project in partnership with the required bodies.


We are creating a consultancy program for business development; the goal of this project is to offer professional services to existing businesses to support in developing innovative cutting edge business ideas, improved business systems, structures, business processes, marketing edge etc to help them grow to be able to accommodate...

Short IT Courses

Every business is a technology business and so in view of that reality, we are training 1,000,000 people in languages such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. We want to spearhead the technological avalanche that will sweep the entirety of the African Continent and transform us into a global economic powerhouse.


Presently, between the state, Federal and Private corporations and individuals, over N1 trillion has been made available for start up business funding in Nigeria, this is not inclusive of some yearly projects by the Federal government and International organizations to support start up businesses in Nigeria. Unfortunately, less than %10 of this fund is accessed by entrepreneurs; the reason for this is the inability to develop a formidable business model .

Economic Elixir

The society is fraught with myriads of social and economic challenges that needs urgent high professionalism to groom effective and efficient change agents and also have hands on impact on ameliorating the pressing socio-economic challenges faced the society and its inhabitants..

Upward Growth Curve

Igbinedion University is taking the bold step to create a synergy to not just groom social and economic change agents but also spear head the process of creating projects that will support economic and social turn around that have the capacity to grow the economy and cause social buoyancy. .

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